Odessa CrossFit

Sweat Program

SWEAT is a program designed to get you moving whether you are a beginner looking to get started or advanced looking for that kick of conditioning. A high intensity interval based program guaranteed to make you SWEAT. A perfect mix of metabolic conditioning and simple functional movements. SWEAT is a 30 minute class that includes warm-up and workout. 


Class Packages

1 Sweat Class


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5 Sweat Classes


Buy 5 Classes

10 Sweat Classes


Buy 10 Classes

20 Sweat Classes


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Recurring Plans

Unlimited Sweat Classes


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12 Sweat Classes per month


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8 Sweat Classes per month


Buy 8 Sweat Classes

4 Sweat Classes per month


But 4 Sweat Classes

Sweat Schedule

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM*

10:30 AM*

4:30 PM*

7:00 PM*


9:00 AM* 

*Denotes Childcare is available for class.